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Powder Blast Text Effect in Photoshop | Text Manipulation | Photoshop Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

In this tutorial , you will learn how to give this Powder Blast effect to your Texts in Photoshop. So just follow the steps and learn this easy method to create it for yourself . So let's get started!

Learn how to create this Powder blast text effect in Photoshop
Powder Blast Text Effect

  • Youtube Video :-

Steps on how to create Powder explosion text effect in Photoshop :-

  • So the first step is to download any Powder blast image and open it in a New document in Photoshop

New Docuemt

Image opened inside New document
  • And then scale the image inside the document accordingly and press SHIFT while scaling to scale it evenly

Scaling image in Photoshop
Scaling Image

Scaling image in Photoshop
After Scaling
  • Now select Horizontal type tool

Horizontal type tool in Photoshop
Horizontal Type Tool
  • After that set the Foreground color as white to set which will set the font color as white

Setting foreground color in Photoshop
Setting Foreground color as White
  • Then select Any font of your choice ( I have selected Bebas Neue) and set it's Appropriate font size

Setting font and font size in Photoshop
Setting Font and it's size
  • Now drag and then type in your text

Dragging for text box in Photoshop
Dragging for text box

Text in Photoshop
Type in your text
  • Now place the text properly using move tool

Move tool icon in Photoshop
Move tool icon

Using Move tool in Photoshop
Using move tool
  • Now click on Add layer mask icon and then select Brush tool

Layer mask icon in Photoshop
Layer mask icon

Brush tool icon in Photoshop
Brush tool icon
  • Now make sure that foreground color is Black

Foreground color as Black in Photoshop
Foreground color as Black
  • Then click on Toggle brush panel icon

Toggle brush panel icon in Photoshop
Toggle brush panel icon
  • And then in the pop up select any explosion brush

Select any explosion brush
  • Now click and hover over text using brush ,so this will remove the text in the form of the brush (Note : Reduce the opacity of the text for better removal of text)

Text removal using brush in Photoshop
Text Removal using Brush
  • So like this way select different brushes , change it's size and keep rotating it and remove text using it so that it looks like powder is coming out of text ,so for best effect it might take some time.

Slider to change size of brush in Photoshop
Slider to change the size of brush

(Short cut to change size : Press ' [ ' key from keyboard to reduce the size of the brush and ' ] ' to increase the size of the brush )

To change angle of brush in Photoshop
To change angle of brush

  • Now after the removal of various parts of text using brush increase the opacity of the text back to 100% if you had reduced it for better removal of text

Increasing opacity of text layer in Photoshop
Increasing the opacity of the text layer back to 100%

So now this will give you your final powder blast text effect in Photoshop

Powder blast effect in Photoshop
Final image after removal using brush and increasing opacity

So now if you guys liked this tutorial then hit that love button also share it to the ones who might be interested in such tutorial!

Youtube Video :-

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