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Updated: Sep 28, 2019

In this tutorial , you will learn how to give this awesome face peel effect to your Photos in Photoshop . By looking at the final image below the effect looks complicated but it is not so just follow the steps below and learn how to create it for yourself . So let's get started!

Face Peel Effect

  • Youtube video :-

Steps on how to create this Face peel effect in Photoshop :-

  • So the first step is to select Quick selection tool

Quick Selection Tool
  • Now using Quick selection tool just select the Face of the model in the image as show below

Face selection
  • After the selection click on Add layer mask icon

Layer mask Icon
  • This will only keep your selection i.e Face of the model and remove rest of the background as shown in the below image

No background
  • Now select the crop tool

Crop Tool Icon
  • And using it crop and resize the Background of the image accordingly as shown in the below Image

Cropping and Resizing
  • Now create a new layer by clicking on create new layer icon

Create new layer icon
  • And then drag that newly created layer and bring it below the model layer as shown in the below image

Bring newly created layer below model layer
  • After that click on Foreground color icon and then replace it with any dark grey color and then click on Ok

Foreground color icon

Select any Dark grey color
  • Now fill the background with that color using Paint bucket tool as shown

Paint bucket tool icon

Filling background using paint bucket tool
  • Now click on add layer style icon and select Blending options over there

Blending options icon
  • After that click on Gradient overlay in the pop up that appears and then set the following :- Blend Mode : Soft light , Opacity : 60% , Gradient : Foreground to background , Tick on Reverse , Style : Radial , Scale : 150% and after that click on Ok

Set the following for Gradient Overlay
  • Now select Lasso tool

Lasso Tool Icon
  • And after that click on Add to selection icon to do multiple selections using Lasso tool at a time

Add to Selection icon
  • After that make a selection on the face and selection should be a curved one as show in the below image

Selection using Lasso tool
  • Now as you had clicked on Add to selection icon you can do multiple selection at a time , so now like this way there should be multiple selections covering main parts of the face as in the below image

Multiple Selections using Lasso tool
  • And after the selection is done , we need a selection of the whole image just skipping the current selection so for that press CTRL + SHIFT + I and this will invert the selection i.e The one that was selected will now not be selected and the one that was not selected will now be selected

Invert selection
  • Then make the layer mask of the model layer active

Make model layer mask active
  • Then make sure that the foreground color is black and then press ALT + Backspace to remove the selection

Foreground color Black

After pressing ALT + Backspace
  • Now press CTRL + D to deselect the selection

After pressing CTRL + D
  • Then create a new layer and after that select lasso tool

Create a new layer

Lasso tool icon
  • Then using the tool make a selection between 2 strips of the face giving circular effect as shown below

Make a selection like this
  • So like this do for each gaps

Final selection to fill gaps
  • Now make the foreground color as any skin color and then press ALT + backspace to fill the selection with that color

Set foreground color to any skin color

After pressing ALT + Backspace
  • After that press CTRL + D to deselect the selection

  • Then bring this layer below model layer as shown

Swap layers
  • Now if the circular effect is not looking proper then press CTRL + T and then right click and select Warp over there

Press CTRL + T and right click and select Warp over there
  • After that play with the edges to get the perfect circular effect proper

Play with edges to get the circular effect proper
  • Once the effect looks proper then click on the tick icon above . Now we have to add shadows to the edges so for that create a new layer and then right click on the layer and select Create clipping mask over there so that whatever we do inside this layer will only effect one layer below it and not the rest of the layers below

Create new layer

Right click on the layer and select Create Clipping mask over there
  • After that make the foreground color as black and then select brush tool

Set foreground color as Black

Brush tool icon
  • Now select the brush as soft round and reduce it's opacity to 40%

Select the Brush as soft round

Setting brush opacity
  • Now using the tool click and hover over the edges of the skin color layer which will give shadow like effect

Adding shadow to edges
  • And do this same thing for all the edges

Adding shadow to all the edges

So this will give you your Face peel effect in Photoshop!

Final Face peel effect

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Youtube Video :-

Thank you !

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